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“Strange dances. Theories and stories around dance performance in Russia ”is the seventh book in the GARAGE DANCE series, which is dedicated to modern dance.

“What is a dance performance and who are the dance artists? – Asks the author of the book Anna Kozonina. – What is modern, postmodern, non-dance and what do they have to do with post-Soviet history? How do dance works flicker between somatic practice and criticism? How to dance together and politicize the somatic nature of dance? What do feminist dance performances and dances on the Internet say? The book seeks answers to these and other questions, referring to the works of Moscow and St. Petersburg choreographers of the 2010s, as well as many examples from American and European dance.

Anna Kozonina – critic of modern dance, editor, lecturer. Writes about dance and performance for,, and Art Magazine. Conducts a telegram channel “Strange Dances”, where in one of the last posts he analyzes in detail the content of the book of the same name.

“This book is for those who are just interested in dance as an art, and for those who have long been waiting for theoretical theses about dance in Russian,” says Anna. – For me as a researcher, the theoretical hypotheses in it are important, which I came to while thinking about dance artists, their work, wandering around discussions and, of course, the material infrastructure for a new dance. But I tried very hard to make the text friendly and accessible not only to a small circle of professionals. “

Let us remind you that books have already been published in the GARAGE DANCE series:

– «Blood memory»- translations of the autobiography of the founder of American modern dance Martha Graham (2017);

– «Terpsichore in sneakers», Dedicated to the history and development of postmodern dance (2018);

– «The art of composing dance. The Emancipation of the Sleeping Beauty»American dancer, choreographer and teacher Doris Humphrey (2019);

– «Smooth because uneven…»- interviews with the cult choreographer Mers Cunningham, taken by French journalist Jacqueline Leshev (2019);

– «Pina Bausch. Exposure of bodily presence»Roida Klimenhagi (2021);

– «Mary Wigman: Absolute dance. Memories, letters, articles»Walter Sorell (2021).

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