Theater director convicted of firing Basharov, who disrupted rehearsals due to drunkenness

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Actor Marat Basharov, who flew out of the “School of Modern Play” the day before due to long drunkenness and disruption of rehearsals, has found a new job. The artist was received with open arms at the Gorky Moscow Art Theater.

According to the general director of the theater Vladimir Kehman, the artist will play in the upcoming premiere of “Unexpectedly.”

At the same time, Khudruk condemned the actions of ex-chief Basharov. In his opinion, it was ugly for Reichelhaus to leave a person without a job.

“As head of the Moscow Department of Culture, I would consider it right to remove him from the post of artistic director for such an attitude towards the artist at such a time,” Kehman was quoted as saying. Lenta.ru.

Formerly the editor of the “School of Modern Play” Iosif Reichelhaus statedthat Basharov will never appear on the stage of this theater again.

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