the young wife was stunned by the confession of her marriage to Dibrov

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The model revealed the secret of a happy married life.

13 years ago, Dmitry Dibrov married model Polina Nagradova, who in 2017 received the title of “Miss Russia”. At that time, no one believed in the longevity of this union, citing too much age difference, because the TV presenter is 30 years older than his beloved.

However, the couple not only did not break up, but also got three heirs. The secret of a happy relationship turned out to be quite simple: lovers pay a lot of attention to their intimate life. The young wife stunned the public with her confession about her marriage to Dibrov and noticed that she and her husband were sleeping completely naked, so children were not allowed to enter their room.

As the publication writes “Express newspaper“, The couple set aside an entire floor with a total area of ​​100 square meters, where they spend time with each other. At the same time, Polina clarified that the staff in their house does not disturb her and Dmitry until they go down themselves.

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