The Write-Off Books project allows every Muscovite to find their own book treasure

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Deputy of the Moscow City Duma, People’s Artist of Russia Yevgeny Gerasimov said that more than 165 thousand books written off from library funds will be offered as a gift to readers as part of the ninth stage of the project “Written off books”, which started in Moscow on December 14. He also reminded that 187 libraries of the capital are involved in this project. The deputy of the capital told the Moscow City News Agency about this on December 16.

The “Written off books” campaign was held in Moscow for the first time in 2017. During these four years, she has gained, I know, many fans who are waiting for new arrivals and carefully studying the site. Indeed, sometimes among the publications written off from the library funds you can find books that you have long dreamed of having at home, but at one time they were in short supply, and now they can be found only on occasion, with second-hand booksellers. That is the charm of this action. In addition to the obvious promotion of humane treatment of books, environmental awareness and responsible consumption, everyone gets a chance to find their own book treasure. And also – to experience the passion of a second-hand book hunter, and without losses for the family budget, “said Yevgeny Gerasimov.

Evgeny Gerasimov said that among the libraries that this time write off obsolete and unpopular funds – such bookstores as the Central Universal Scientific Library named after Nekrasov, the Library of Arts named after Bogolyubov, the Central City Youth Library named after Svetlov. According to him, the residents of the Southern Administrative District had the greatest choice – the libraries located in it distribute more than 40,000. volumes, followed by Central – 32 thousand. and Northeast – more than 27 thousand books.

“Muscovites have always been book lovers – although this word has recently gone out of fashion. The city is doing a lot to support the book culture – especially since we inherited from previous generations one of the world’s most developed networks of urban libraries. Now they are being reconstructed, transformed into modern cultural centers, accessible to all Muscovites on a single reader’s ticket – this task is solved by the city program “Moscow Library Centers”. The funds are constantly replenished with literature published in Russia and abroad – this is why it is sometimes necessary to write off obsolete, “duplicate” and low-demand books. Employees of libraries – I know firsthand – are always respectful of books and are happy to hand them over to good hands, “- said the deputy of the Moscow City Duma.

Evgeny Gerasimov also reminded that the preservation of paper books, as well as the continuation of their “work biography” is a benefit from the point of view of environmental protection.

“If it is impossible to continue using paper products, it is easy to recycle, but if a book once printed can still be useful for its intended purpose – it must be transferred for use. This is the essence of the modern approach to the material world, known as sustainable, or cyclical, consumption, “- summed up Eugene Gerasimov.

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