The works of castrated singers will be presented in Tartu Music

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The Klaaspärlimäng festival will include arias by Vivaldi and Handel, originally created for castrato performers. They are still performed on the instruments of that era and are as close as possible to the original. Among other things, Handel is the author of the world-famous aria for castrates Lascia ch’io pianga, which was used in the dramatic film “Farinelli”.

For 40 years, the Concilium musicum Wien has been giving concerts around the world with a rich repertoire of works from the late Baroque and early classicism.

The use of castrated singers in the professional art of music can be considered one of the most intriguing and controversial phenomena of Western music, the idea of ​​which is perhaps best given by the legendary film “Farinelli” created in 1994.

Between 1720 and 1730, about 4,000 boys were castrated each year: many parents hoped for a successful career, but few reached the top, and their fate was mixed.

Unprecedented fame and coveted success were accompanied by rejection, poor treatment and often deteriorating health – so you can briefly describe the life of opera stars from among the castrates.

The operation, performed before puberty, allowed to preserve the voice, increased the volume of the lungs and gave the voice special flexibility. The tradition ended in the second half of the 19th century. Alessandro Moreski, who died in 1922, is considered to be the last known neuter singer of the Sistine Chapel.

The Klaaspärlimäng festival will take place in Tartu from 7 to 12 July.

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