The working group of the BTS performance at the Grammys revealed behind-the-scenes details

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In an interview with Weverse magazine, the working group spoke BTS on «Grammys»Revealed behind-the-scenes details.

Speech BTS with song «Butter»Was honed and very clear. The artists completely adapted to the text of the composition.

«Smooth as oil / As an agent under cover».

Following these first two lines, almost every participant BTS entered the scene as an undercover agent: Chonguk fell on the rope, you went up to the stage after hiding in the hall where he was talking to Olivia Rodrigo, and so on. Once there, all participants sang and danced, even moving around the stage “smooth as oil” to avoid the web of lasers.

Ha Jeong Jae, a leading specialist of the concert production studio, explained the importance of the card, which you snatched from behind Rodrigo:

They opened the stage with a security card. They “stole” the card from the officially invited artist and thus gained access.

According to him, the group’s speech with “Butter»On«Grammys”Was built around the idea that participants BTS enter the scene like spies reminiscent of James Bond or the robber gentleman Arsene Lupine. The motivation that all the participants come on stage in different ways was born from this idea.

For a concept like the gentleman thief Lupine, it would be more appropriate for them to come from somewhere behind the stage, for example, from the audience or from the air, and not make a grand exit just on stage.

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Also Son Son Diksenior creative director of the working group, said that for Gina, who had an injury, and therefore it was harder for him to “penetrate” the stage than the others, was invented a special role. This is the role of the technique according to which Gin hacked the system from the Grammy stage to help other participants get into it, and continued to help them from a place where he could still see others. This role was specially invented for the artist so that he did not feel guilty about the injury.

Preparations for such a speech were quite difficult, as noted by the participants themselves BTS. In V LIVE Jay-Hope then told:

We really trained very, very hard for the performance, and the whole process was stressful.

There was a lot of drama before he came on stage. Besides that Gin could not join the group in some parts of the choreography due to the fact that he was still recovering from a finger injury, Jay-Hope and Chonguk infected with COVID-19 and were forced to stay in quarantine for some time, and therefore did not participate in the general rehearsals.

For the remaining participants in the case was not easier: without Jay-Hope others found it difficult even morally. Role Jay-Hope so significant that on V LIVE Slush said: “Without Jay-Hope the rehearsal seemed wrong. ” Chimin also noted that without him “there was no order in the rehearsal studio.” Just the day before the Grammy Awards Jay-Hope and Chonguk finally were able to rehearse with all the other participants.

In addition, due to the sanitary norms concerning the prevention of COVID-19, the “Grammys“Everything was quite strict. The dancers had to change their masks every hour, and the staff had to wear masks and show another negative PCR test before each workout.

Son Son Dick said that “the guys really shone when they got together». He then explained how BTS were able to overcome all the problems in one day thanks to its amazing ability to adjust to the result:

At first everything was not quite good, but then they came Chonguk and Jay-Hope, and things gradually got better when they all worked together. What really mattered was not their individual abilities, but the harmony between all the participants, so I was really struck by the synergy they showed when I watched them, when they were all together again.

When Jay-Hope was able to join the rehearsal group at the Grammy venue, he made sure the others were not distracted during the rehearsals. For example, before the band started training together, RM he slid on the floor and studied how to get past the lasers without being caught. Chimin said that “there is no way not to get caught»Under lasers after they constantly hit them as well youPretending to be hit by a laser, he said they “should improvise if caught.” Slush laughed and said, “I think that too much effort has resulted in unpleasant consequences for me“- after someone told him that his costume would look better during the choreography if he hadn’t tried so hard. Chonguk constantly worked on his movements. Then, with a quick “let’s try again»От Jay-Hopethey all got together and resumed the group rehearsal.

Jay-Hope sang, danced and watched several rehearsals of the performance. Then he forced to make another full run, eventually approving everything.

Son Son Dik stressed:

Other participants respect and admire Jay-Hope for the way he sets the mood during a dance rehearsal or any other practice, so when he says they have to try again, they realize that they really need practice or something is not quite right. That’s why the participants said that the atmosphere in the rehearsal studio is completely different, depending on whether there is Jay-Hope or not. So he plays an important role when it comes to choreography.

Another reason why the band was able to rehearse well, despite the difficulties, was that they all know each other’s roles and believe in each other.

Son Son Dik added:

This is because other participants believed in those who rehearsed alone. Others did not doubt the abilities of the two participants, despite the lack of time for rehearsals.

Ha Jeong Jae also explained what exactly Chonguk fell on the rope because “he already had experience with the wire during the tour” during their concerts at the stadium and “did not find it scary, but thought it was fun.”

As noted, the organizers “Grammys“Asked to make a performance with extreme artistry and creativity, which” can only BTS». BTS in response, they decided to show confidence, also fully trusting the working group.

Son Son Dik stressed that the participants BTS were confident that the working group would indeed do its best. And it gave confidence to the staff.

Ha Jeong Jae told that the storyboarding of each movement was done, everything was explained as to how much it corresponded to the music. Illustrations were even made for a clearer explanation. All this was then sent for approval to the organizers “Grammys».

During the rehearsals, the working group repeatedly checked the angles to make everything look really perfect on stage. As a result, for example, the part where you dropped the business card as well Chonguk caught her, was so flawless that it seemed almost magical, thanks to quality camera work.

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