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The ceremony of announcing the winners of the national literary prize “Big Book” took place in the Pashkov House in Moscow. Leonid Yuzefovich’s novel Philellin won first place, he reports RIA Novosti.

For the third time in the history of the award, Yuzefovich’s book surpassed its competitors and took first place. The writer himself will receive three million rubles as a reward. He reminded that he had previously received a prize for his work “Winter Road”. The action of the novel takes place in one of the villages of Yakutia, where at the time of writing it was not.

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“Two months ago, I finally got there – it was a difficult journey, which, despite my age, I endured. It impressed me so much that it overshadowed everything I had seen in recent years. I will give part of this book for the conservation of what is left in this village. Thank you, ”Yuzefovich thanked.

The second prize went to the work of Maya Kucherskaya “Leskov: The Missed Genius”. In addition, the writer will be awarded 1.5 million rubles. On the third line was “Permafrost” by Victor Remizov – the writer will receive one million rubles. Narine Abrahayan with her work “Simon” was recognized the winner of the popular vote.

It is noted that 8,987 people from 40 countries voted for the winners. The winner was chosen by the “literary academy” of 100 people.

In 2020, the winner of the “Big Book” became writer Alexander Ilichevsky with the novel “Newton’s Drawing”. The second place was given to Timur Kibirov for the book “The General and His Family”, the third – to Shamil Idiatullin for “The Former Lenin”.

The Big Book National Literary Prize was established in 2005. Authors such as Svetlana Aleksievich, Zakhar Prilepin, Evgeny Chizhov, Vladimir Sharov and others competed for its main prize.

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