The Wild West: the reasons for Kanye West’s success, genius and madness

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March 2, 2022 Kanye West releases animated clip for your new track Eazy. According to the plot, he kidnaps the boyfriend of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian – Pete Davidson, to bury him alive. “Mr. Narcissist, tell me about my arrogance. I do not consult with anyone anymore, I do not negotiate with psychotherapists. Lord Ye, do you accept the Lord God? No, today I will let my pride win, ”Kanye reads a text about himself, killing the animated Pete Davidson. West fans are shocked that he has publicly stated his desire to kill Davidson, and police are ready to arrest Kanye if anything happens to Pete.

Is Kanye crazy? Does he really consider himself a god? Are there any prohibitions or restrictions for West? Find the answers to these questions helps the mini-series jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy, which came out on Netflix in March this year. The project, consisting of three series of 1.5 hours each, was created by directors, screenwriters and producers Kudi and Chike. These are long-time friends of Kanye West, who have been filming rap shows in Chicago and New York since the late 1990s to document the development of the genre and the new culture. Kudi and Chike created the cult video Kanye Through the Wire and several other video artist. In a few years of virtually continuous filming of West in everyday life, they shot more than seven hours of material, based on which the series jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy.

Pretending to be a chronicle of Kanye West’s rise and success, this series is in fact a painstaking analysis of the secret of his genius. When Kudi first met Kanye 30 years ago, he immediately felt that West was a unique and incredibly talented artist. Kudi gave up all his projects to travel with Kanye to the United States and make a documentary about him, although at the time West was just starting his career as a producer and was not famous. Kudi felt that for some reason the whole world would be talking about Kanye. He will be able to turn the industry upside down and become the greatest man in the history of music. And so it happened, but Kanye had to pay a heavy price for such success. In time, he began to lose his mind.

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Where he considers Kanye his friend, he sincerely loves him, cares for him, tries to take care of him, but still admits that over time, West has less and less control over himself and his life. Like the rest of the world, Kudi wonders, is Kanye so brilliant because he was born with bipolar disorder, or did his illness develop and progress because his genius prevented him from living in peace? When the federal channels or tabloids talk about the artist in such a way, it becomes disgusting that they reduce a person’s whole life to a mental illness. But when Kanye’s close friend comes to think that West has done a lot of things because of mental disorders and medication, you realize that there is some truth in that.

Kanye may have developed bipolar disorder when his mother died in 2007. Donda West always told him that he was exceptional, brilliant, amazing and talented. Everyone dreams of such a mother who supports every initiative of her child and always helps him develop. Donda was always with Kanye. She was his friend, manager, support and hope. Kanye discussed with his mother every decision and every event. He thanked her for all the victories and achievements. In many texts, Kanye said that it was his mother who made him a star.

As a result of this upbringing, Kanye could not accept any criticism, he believed that everything in the world should happen just the way he wants. West considered himself king, god, and center of the universe, even as a child. The first series of jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy begins with a 1990 home shoot. 13-year-old Kanye reads his first text and says that he is the best and unique rapper in the world. Donda always nurtured this confidence in him. Kanye never even tried to separate from his mother and had no idea how he could live without her. Therefore, her sudden death (Donda had a heart attack after plastic surgery) was a real shock to him. He did not know how to cope with the loss and buried his head in work, completely ignoring his mental state and emotions.

With each passing month, Kanye lost more and more control over himself. Grief was eating away at him from within. At the same time, he released ingenious albums and music videos, which won dozens of awards. A kind of apogee of West’s madness was the conflict with Taylor Swift during the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009. The actress took the stage to receive the award for “Best Women’s Video”. Kanye took Swift’s microphone and said she was unworthy of the award. In his opinion, the award for the best video should go to Beyonce.

The American media began to call Kanye an arrogant psycho who could not control himself at all, could not behave and had lost any idea of ​​boundaries and norms. In response to these accusations, West said he did not understand how it was possible to be overconfident. Kanye believed that he had to be confident and persistent. It’s just that society is not used to blacks believing in themselves. So everyone is trying to besiege him. “Every time I call myself a god, people say, ‘Who did he think he was ?!’ I just told you who I think I am. God! ” Said Kanye in an interview.

In 2016, Kanye was hospitalized after several strange performances. During the concerts, he began to push strange speeches about God, life and his greatness. West was diagnosed with manic-depressive psychosis. In the film, Kudi explains that he did not notice such strong attacks on his friend, but he often had breakdowns before. Kanye did not take any medication, used drugs, ignored his mental state for years, so the manic phase of bipolar disorder dragged on and progressed to acute psychosis. West himself disagreed with the diagnosis.

“It’s not a disease or a drug addiction. God put me to sleep so that I would wake up and start living differently, ”Kanye commented on his condition. For most music lovers and journalists, it was then – in 2016 – that West turned to religion, but in fact Kanye always believed in God and believed that his success was God’s plan. The first College Dropout album, released in 2004, features the track Jesus Walks. In the video for this song, Kanye walks around Chicago with Jesus and writes music with his support. It was God who helped West become a popular rapper. At zero, all black artists read texts about the streets, shootings, prostitution, drugs, and lavish parties, and Kanye drew attention to the problems of the black population and poverty without pretending to be a gangster. This is exactly what rap, according to West, the Lord appreciated.

In 2019, Kanye created the Sunday Service Gospel Choir to help people see and understand Jesus Christ. West believed that he had already become the greatest and most successful artist in the world, so you need to use your fame and influence to get people to let God into your soul.

Kanye seems to have always done not enough for the world and for himself. He constantly needs to do something, move, grow, achieve and achieve. This behavior is common to many people living with bipolar disorder. Kanye can’t relax and calm down. It always seems to him that the world is not enthusiastic enough about his merits, that people do not understand the importance and necessity of his mission – that is, the very life of West, because he is a preacher and missionary. He is terribly afraid of being an outsider or staying at the helm of the industry. Therefore, I am ready for any provocations and experiments.

Kanye realizes that he is ill, but does not consider it a problem. West is convinced that he is simply not like everyone else, and speaks to people in an alien language. West himself believes that his otherness, which many call madness, is the reason for his success.

After watching all the series jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy, it seems that it is extremely important for Netflix to convince its audience and Kanye fans of his illness and insanity. It’s as if they’re afraid that West will run for president again, get into politics again and affect the minds of millions of teenagers. In the third episode, Kudi and Chike say, almost openly, that Kanye’s desire to lead America is one continuous manic phase of bipolar disorder. When such an influential person forgets about pills or refuses therapy, he can do crazy things that will affect the whole world. Therefore, Netflix is ​​trying on the role of the Ministry of Health and warns that blind trust in celebrities and influencers could lead to a social or political crisis.

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