The whole underlying conflict between Drobysh and Vaenga became known

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For the first time, the music producer shared the details of the loud parting, which literally stirred up the domestic show business.

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55-year-old Russian composer and music producer Viktor Drobysh has a very scandalous reputation in the domestic show business. Many still hear his conflicts with Anastasia Samburskaya and Philip Kirkorov, as well as a loud creative parting with Elena Vaenga. On the air of the “Once” program of the NTV channel, Viktor Yakovlevich told for the first time what exactly happened to him with the singer of the hit “Chopin” and why they no longer work together. Drobysh claims that they did not have any scandal with Vaenga, they parted amicably and continue to be on good terms.

“I have great respect for her and I think we played a very good role in each other’s lives, but when she left me at the peak, she did nothing good to herself, nothing good to me. We just lost both. Many people want to show the whole world that they invented everything themselves, it is stronger than money. That’s why we broke up with Vaenga. She told me, “I need to make money, then I’ll be back.” Then I realized that it wasn’t even about money, ”Drobysh admitted.

The producer had a completely different situation with Samburskaya – the lawsuits between them are still ongoing. However, even the producer speaks quite restrainedly about it. In his opinion, Anastasia “is not bad and not good.” The composer considers the artist to be a talented and gifted person, who, however, should never have been involved in music.

“She is not ready to work, she is not ready to cooperate, she is not even ready to take success into her own hands. Probably, you need a lot of money at once, I am not ready to share both success and money, ”the man concluded.

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