The Weeknd wants $ 8.5 million for a performance at Coachella

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Kanye West was to receive such a fee.

The Weeknd will replace Kanye at the Coachella Festival if he is paid the same fee. West was promised eight and a half million dollars for his performance. About this reports Page Six edition.

It used to be knownthat Kanye cancels his performance at the festival. After that, the organizers announcedthat the new headliner of the show will be The Weeknd, which will perform together with the house band Swedish House Mafia.

According to information received by Six, the owner of Coachella does not want to pay Abel the same fee as West. “Weekend responded very quickly to the offer to replace Kanye. But Phil Anschutz [владелец Coachella] wanted to pay Weekend much less, only a few million. He planned to leave the rest of the money for the festival, “the publication quoted an unnamed source as saying.

Due to this, there was a tension between the artist and the festival management.

“Even when the organizers shared the new lineup, Weekend has not yet concluded a deal. He threatened to cancel his performance if he was not promised the same amount as Kanye,” the source added.

According to the publication, the parties still managed to reach an agreement: Anschutz’s company withdrew and agreed to the terms of the Weekend.

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