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“The weakest season”: in the failure of “Voice. Children” found the culprits

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Viewers are dissatisfied with the behavior of mentors and the work of the presenter.

The discussion of the seventh issue of the ninth season of the show “Voice. Children” continues on the Internet. Viewers admitted that they were disappointed with the project, and even found those responsible for its failure.

Fans of the show came to the conclusion that the new season is much inferior to the previous ones. “The weakest season”, “The eighth season was much brighter, and there is no one to highlight,” – say the comments of Internet users. Some argue that “talented children are over”, while others believe that mentors often make the wrong choice.

“Mentors are so disappointed,” said one of the spectators. In addition, many pointed out that judges not only “merge” worthy participants, but also can not always find an approach to them. “I feel sorry for the children. Mentors can’t say anything good, calm down, cheer up. Basta still speaks with meaning. But Creed and Gagarin … “- wrote one of the followers.

The host of the show, actress Agatha Mutseniece, also got it. Viewers stressed that she was not coping with her task, and called for her to be suspended from working on the program. “Take away Mutseniece, her role in the project is just awful,” reads one of the comments below the show.

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