The upcoming book on Alien Isolation will talk about creating a game

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When Alien Isolation came out in 2014, it turned out to be not only a good horror game with some scary moments, but also an example of how to create a fantastic video game in the original universe of Dan O’Bannon. After the game Aliens: Colonial Marines was poorly received, many felt that there was no hope for further adaptation. This was the case until the Creative Assembly. Even after almost eight years, Alien Isolation is still highly regarded by the public and brings an unforgettable experience, which is, in fact, a love letter to the original films. And now someone is writing a book about it.

Andy Kelly, who has written for publications such as Vice, PC Gamer and The Guardian, is currently writing a hardcover book on Alien Isolation called Perfect Organism. The book, according to her description, will describe behind-the-scenes information about the game, and the writer himself will talk about his obsession with the game and “a masterpiece of Ridley Scott’s horrors.”

Given that the author has announced a fundraiser for the book, and at the moment collected only 29% of the required amount, it is unknown when it will be released. But as it details how the game was developed, including a detailed analysis of the infamous Xienomorph A from Alien Isolation, it is sure to interest many fans. The book will also include chapters on the DLC, as well as a complete guide to the missions, some little things and Easter eggs.

Many horror fans will probably agree that Alien Isolation is a worthy and well-made tribute to the classic 1979 science fiction film. As Alien Isolation is now available on mobile devices, it is obvious that the game is still very popular. In addition, fans are eager to continue, but at the moment, apparently, it is not in development. At least for now, gamers can support Kelly’s book and get an addition to one of the best horror games.

Alien: Isolation is already available for mobile, PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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