The United States had a plan to fight the pandemic, but no one remembered it

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Who criticized Moneyball

“Only people who were afraid of losing their jobs were really hostile to Moneyball in the baseball environment [из-за новых веяний]Lewis recalled in an interview with Forbes. “In fact, they’ve already lost it because of an analytical revolution they weren’t ready for.” Lewis ignored these reproaches. But there was a review that hurt him. “It simply came to our notice then. Richard Thaler, Nobel Laureate in Economics, and [ученый] Cass Sunstein wrote a review of the book. They admitted that they really liked the book. But it has been suggested that the author does not understand what he is writing about. In their opinion, this was, in fact, a translation of one of the studies from the works of Kahneman and Tversky. In the year I wrote Moneyball, Kahneman received the Nobel Prize for such ideas. But I missed the news. “

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