The Union of Artists deprived St. Petersburg resident Alexei Kiryanov of membership. “Paper”

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The Union of Artists of St. Petersburg deprived Alexei Kiryanov of membership – author paintings and graphics, sculptor and photographer. The artist reported about it “Paper”. According to him, the exclusion from the professional community may be due to his political activism.

Kiryanov said that the decision on his future in the union was made at a board meeting chaired by Andrei Bazanov. As an exception, 19 members of the organization voted against, seven – and five abstained. “There is charter, which states in which cases deprivation of membership: personal statement, death, and so on, as well as other reasons. In my case, the discrediting of the union was recorded for other reasons, as I am engaged in political activities. There is no such clause in the charter. “This is a precedent,” said the artist. He added that he would appeal this decision.

“I am a politically active person, I am on the side of good. Many do not like my liberal position, and now I do not like it very much. The Union of Artists… decided to punish me for a simple reason – it is envy and hatred for free people, whom I represent and a large number of people, “- said Kiryanov.

“Paper” managed to contact the secretary of the board of the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg. “About [Алексея Кирьянова] I can not say for sure, but in my opinion, yes [исключили]. Yesterday there was a meeting of the board, where this decision was made. <…> I know one thing: I registered a notice of his exclusion. <…

Alexei Kiryanov is known not only as an artist, but also as an activist. In 2018, he opposed the closure of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists. The closure was demanded by the Ministry of Justice due to legal violations in the activities of the organization, allegedly found during the inspection. Кирьянов created petition, addressing the then governor of the city Georgy Poltavchenko. In defense of the union performed and other famous artists. Court refused department in the liquidation of the organization. Kiryanov also expresses his political position on social networks and supports the initiatives of St. Petersburg city defenders.

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