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The twins will be able to rest, and Pisces will be lucky – Society

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A new horoscope has been drawn up for Sunday, April 24. Someone was advised to relax and not think about anything. Someone should not avoid talking: you can learn important information. Someone needs to trust the first impression, and someone to do personal business instead of public.


Today you will be filled with a very restless kind of energy, which will urgently require an immediate exit. Whether it is harmful or beneficial depends on how tightly you can establish control over your own actions.


If your watch starts to lag far behind, check for a dead cockroach inside. Try not to get into conflicts with pets, otherwise you risk being scratched.


Today you will finally be given a little rest. You can relax and not worry about anything, except for the company, so as not to get bored while relaxing.


Do not leave conversations, today they will be useful. In one of them you will hear something you never expected to know.


Today, the price will be ears ready to listen, understand, nod at the right time and show boundless sympathy. Beware, they will probably be yours.


Today you should trust the first impression and take as a course of action the decision that first came to your mind. Both will be the closest to the ideal option.


Today you will have the opportunity to approve or reject a rather serious proposal, and your word will be obeyed. So think three times (or better yet, more) before you say something.


Today you should not appear anywhere without warning, because you may find yourself in front of a closed door. Now you will awaken the ability and desire to think hard.


You like to balance on a razor blade too much. There won’t be any need for that today, so get off. The day in general promises to be peaceful and not rich in events.


Working with anyone will be a challenge for you today. However, a bad world is still better than a good war, we will have to endure.


Why do you spend so much energy on public affairs? What has society done for you lately? You want to be in the thick of things, but in vain: when you want to leave, you will not be given.


Today you will be not only enterprising, but also very lucky. You will be able to turn in your favor any situation you have to face, no matter how horrible it may be at first.

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