the truth about Vera Sotnikova’s personal life was revealed

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The marriage of the celebrity was not happy.

Famous actress Vera Sotnikova does not hide that there have been many novels in her life, but she was officially married only once. Yuri Nikolsky, who worked as a janitor, became the chosen artist. The celebrity tied the knot with him when she was only 18 years old.

The couple soon had a son, Yang. However, the appearance of a common heir could not save Vera and her lover from parting. After the divorce, Sotnikova left her heir with his grandmother and aunt in Volgograd, and she went to work in Moscow. Ian grew up and, after graduating from school, flew to study in France. However, he did not stay abroad and returned to his homeland, where he met his love and married.

In 2009, Vera became a grandmother for the first time. Only after the birth of his son Maxim Nikolsky broke up with his wife. Some time later, he remarried and gave his mother another grandson. As he writes tvcenter.ruSotnikova turned out to be a wonderful mother and grandmother: she tries to spend as much time as possible with Jan and his children.

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