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the truth about Uspenskaya’s career was revealed

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The actress rejected a wealthy suitor.

Many stars of domestic show business do not hide that they often receive obscene offers from fans of their work. Successful businessmen, oligarchs, and sometimes representatives of the criminal world are ready to pay a round sum for spending an evening in the company of a celebrity.

The queen of chanson, Lyubov Uspenskaya, was not overlooked either. Recently, she revealed the truth about her career, noting that when she first began to conquer the domestic stage, they tried to “buy” her. Lyubov Zalmanovna was estimated at half a million dollars.

The singer stressed that she was offered such a “fee” when she first arrived in the capital. However, the singer, without thinking for a minute, refused. “I would never have agreed to this,” said the actress in the documentary show “Cool 90’s with Ida Galich” on Premier. At the same time, Uspenskaya clarified that nevertheless she always accepted expensive gifts from her suitors: foreign cars, jewelry and fur coats.

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