the truth about the wealth of Pugacheva, who left the country, was revealed

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Fans are wondering which of their possessions the Prima Donna went to.

Recently, Alla Pugacheva confirmed rumors that she went abroad. The singer admitted that she flew to “vacation and treatment”, but did not say where. For this reason, curious fans began to conduct their own investigations and look for the artist literally around the globe.

Fans believe that the star went to where she has her own property. Together with her husband, showman Maxim Galkin, and two children, twins Lisa and Harry, the Prima Donna lives in a castle located in the village of Mud. However, this is not all that the star family owns. The truth about the wealth of Pugacheva, who left the country, has surfaced.

For example, the singer has an apartment of 470 square meters, which is located in Cyprus. Her celebrity acquired a little less than a year ago. According to the portal Woman.ru, the apartment cost the actress 900 million rubles. They are located in a skyscraper 170 meters high, which is the tallest building in Europe.

In addition, Pugacheva has an apartment in Jurmala. Since the singer paid 400,000 euros for it, we can assume that the area of ​​this property is much more modest. Internet users also suggest that Alla Borisovna could have gone to Israel. She used to like to stay in Caesarea, where she rented a villa. According to the Internet, a few years ago the Prima Donna wanted to buy this property, but then abandoned the idea.

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