the truth about the shooting of “Stars of Captivating Happiness” has been revealed

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The cameraman had to risk his health for the sake of bright scenes.

The creators of the film “Star of Captivating Happiness” used any available means to embody their ideas on the screen. As it turned out, they even had to harness the Volga to film.

Representatives of the film industry have always been famous for their ingenuity: to stage certain scenes, they often had to use their ingenuity to surprise the audience with unusual solutions. However, in the simplest episodes, the cameramen and directors were also forced to somehow get out. So, the famous scene with the trip of the heroes on the carriage was filmed with the help of the usual “Volga” GAZ-24.

As can be seen in the report photo published by the Telegram channel “Theatrical people“, The operator attached the chariot to the car, and he, balancing on the trunk lid, tried to shoot the actors. As a result, we managed to create one of the most memorable scenes in the film, despite all the difficulties and a very serious danger to the health of the members of the film crew.

The audience appreciated the courage of the creators. Vladimir Motyl’s film almost immediately won the love of fans and is still considered one of the best films of that period in Soviet cinema.

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