the truth about the income of the 73-year-old widow of Karachentsov was revealed

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The salary of a celebrity is much higher than that of folk artists in other theaters.

The director of the Lenkom Theater, Mark Warsaw, has declassified the income of the famous actress Lyudmila Porgina, who previously said that she was not allowed to play the lead roles, but only invited to the mass. It turned out that Karachentsov’s widow earns as much as ordinary retirees never dreamed of.

Warsaw noted that the salary of a celebrity is 52 thousand rubles, while in other theaters folk artists receive 28 thousand. Added to this amount is the fee that Porgina receives for each of her appearances on stage. For example, according to Mark Borisovich, the star receives several thousand for participating in the mass. In total, Lyudmila Andreevna is involved in six productions.

“She earns well,” Warsaw said in an interview with portal correspondents. Teleprogramma.pro. The director also clarified that recently the actress has been traveling much more than working.

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