the truth about Pugacheva’s spending abroad was revealed

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The celebrity rents a mansion with an area of ​​650 square meters.

Alla Pugacheva spends millions of rubles a month while living in Israel. More than a month ago, the celebrity went there with his family.

The Prima Donna, Maxim Galkin and their children settled in the quiet city of Caesarea, which has long been an iconic place for the artist. The fact is that it was here in one of the temples that the singer married Philip Kirkorov, in addition, her favorite clinic is located nearby. For many years, the singer has been renting a villa in Israel, which, according to the publication “Komsomol truth», Costs one million rubles. The famous family also spends large sums on the life and treatment of the singer. As Pugacheva herself noted, she went on indefinite leave in order to improve her health.

As a result, according to media reports, the costs were so high that Galkin had to start working in Israel. The artist has already announced a tour of the cities of this country, which will take place in June. According to the aggregators, almost all tickets for Galkin’s upcoming performances have already been sold out.

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