the truth about Pugacheva was revealed by Ivleeva

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The presenter trumps the close acquaintance with the Diva.

In recent years, Anastasia Ivleeva has become very close to Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin. The host even celebrated the new year with the Prima Donna in her castle in the village of Mud.

In her Telegram channel, Ivleeva suddenly began to discuss Alla Borisovna’s excess weight. Anastasia complained about her weight gain, and then began to talk about the complexes of the Prima Donna.

“It’s just that I’m sad now about the hundreds of kilograms I gained in St. Petersburg for my birthday. And I think to accept myself as such or go for a walk after all.

I’m sure that Allochka, like any woman, had her own pens and complexes, but how she positioned herself, damn it. She seems to be a trillion percent confident. ” wrote Ивлеева.

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