the truth about Petrosyan’s wife’s passion was revealed

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The artist’s wife does not spare money for her hobby.

Tatiana Brukhunova hinted to Internet users about her secret passion for dolls. The celebrity shared the relevant publication on personal social networks.

In one of the recent videos made in Petrosyan’s wife’s apartment, she poses against the backdrop of a bookcase, on the shelf of which you can see a doll in a bright pink dress. According to attentive fans, Bruhunova is most likely a big fan of hinged dolls – a popular hobby among Russian stars. For example, a similar passion is shared by TV presenter Alena Vodonaeva, who has repeatedly boasted of her large collection.

As it turned out, this hobby is a very expensive pleasure. Some of the most successful domestic masters can ask for a model that is made in a single copy, up to 10 thousand dollars. At the same time, even for the cheapest copies, fans sometimes arrange a real hunt.

Bruhunova herself has not yet shared the details of her hobby, forcing fans to wonder about the size of her collection.

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