The tragic fate of the great artist Vincent van Gogh

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In 1876, Vincent van Gogh was fired because he was not trusted much. In a letter to his brother Theo, the artist wrote: “I certainly did things that were in some ways very wrong, so I have nothing to say.”

After he was fired, Vincent returned to England and began working at a school run by a vicar. He preached for several months at the school and nearby villages, but after spending Christmas with his family in Brabant, he decided not to return to England.

In 1877 Van Gogh came to Amsterdam. Immersed in the faith and having no plans for life, he began to study theology. But despite his strict schedule, it was difficult for Van Gogh to focus on his studies – instead he spent a lot of time walking around the city and visiting museums. His uncle, a priest from Amsterdam, advised him to drop out, as it was clear that Van Gogh had not been completely devoted to her. Vincent agreed, but still hoping to serve God, he went to Belgium, where he began working as a preacher in the Borinage mining district.

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