The Toulouse Capitol National Orchestra supported Tugan Sokhiev

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Tugan Sokhiev. Photo by Alexei Molchanovsky

Musicians of the Capitol of Toulouse National Orchestra made a statement in support of the former music director and chief conductor of the orchestra Tugan Sokhiev.

In early March, the Toulouse City Hall demanded that Tugan Sokhiev publicly announce his position on Russia’s special operation in Ukraine.

In response to this request Tugan Sokhiev issued a statementin which he reported that

“Faced with the impossible choice between my favorite Russian and my favorite French musicians, I decided to resign as music director and chief conductor of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow and leave the post of music director of the Capitol Toulouse National Orchestra.”

The chief conductor of the Bolshoi Theater Tugan Sokhiev made a statement in connection with the current situation in the world

Before the concert on March 25, 2022, which was to take place under the direction of Sokhiev, but which as a result was conducted by Azerbaijani maestro Fuad Ibragimov, the musicians of the National Capitol Orchestra of Toulouse made a statement.

The statement, in particular, states:

“Tugan Sokhiev is Russian. His history, his family, his culture are closely connected with this country. It is this fact and its attachment to its roots that has allowed us, has allowed you for many years to be enriched by what he was able to pass on to us. “

“Musicians of the Toulouse Capitol National Orchestra are deeply saddened by the resignation of their music director, but even more so by the obligation imposed on Russian artists to justify themselves.”

“We also consider it necessary to publicly state that we are not ready to allow our musical collaboration with Tugan Sokhiev to end so sadly.

Contrary to what has been said here or there, Maestro Sokhiev and I have planned many joint projects for months and years to come – not even as a music director, but as a guest conductor, who nevertheless has a privileged connection with our orchestra.

We feel that the book of our common history is, unfortunately, closed prematurely. Therefore, on behalf of the musicians, as well as members of the technical and administrative teams, we decided to publicly express our desire again, as soon as circumstances allow, to discover the pleasure of playing together under the direction of Tugan Sokhiev. “

The text of the statement was later published by La Depeche.


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