The topic is not disclosed: Josh Gad regrets that he failed the mission of the first gay character Disney

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Probably Josh Gad trying to come back to life frozen prequel “Beauties and Monsters” and says that although in the film his character did not show himself in all its glory, the series can fix it.

We didn’t make much progress then, we didn’t go far enough to provoke a positive reaction or say, “Look how brave we are.” I’m sorry about that. Honestly, not to say that we paid tribute to what a real gay character in a Disney movie should be like. Hell, we had to move on. Everyone deserves the opportunity to recognize themselves in someone on the screen, and I think we haven’t done enough for that.

Josh Gad

In short, the audience was not allowed to feel the importance of the moment, and in the spin-off about Gaston and Lef, everything could have been different, but recently the project was frozen, including because of the script.

However, with the fact that the debut came out dim, Gad is right, and Disney, also understanding everything, added another first gay character to the movie “Jungle Cruise”.

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