The title of Victor Pelevin’s new book – Playbill Plus – News of St. Petersburg has become known

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Victor Pelevin’s twentieth novel will be published in Russia at the end of August. It will be called TRANSHUMANISM INC., Exmo reported. 16+

The action of the new novel of the living classic takes place in the future, where the wealthiest people will be able to separate their brains from the aging body. In this special “jar” dimension, they will live almost forever. In the meantime, in the author’s words, the “green post-Carboniferous civilization” will remain on earth – service personnel and servants-biorobots.

“Due to the moral revival of our society, there is no mat in the book, but the author still manages to tell the truth about the most important thing,” the publisher adds intriguingly.

The annotation also speaks of the “archaic-futuristic world of the victorious matriarchy”, “chipped people” and generations for which there will be no more letters. Pelevin will not forget about love.

Release date – August 26. The paper book will be published in two versions: the main edition – in light colors, the gift version – in dark colors, using paintings by Pelevin. At the same time, the book will appear in electronic and audio versions. The main voice of the audiobook will be Russian theater and film actor Maxim Sukhanov.

We will remind, about release of Victor Pelevin’s new novel became known in the end of July.

The author’s previous book was published on August 27, 2020. It was called “Invincible Sun” and told about the life of 30-year-old Sasha, who went on a trip to Turkey and Cuba, where she discovered the mystery of reality.

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