The third season of “The Witcher” received an official synopsis

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The shooting of the third season, which started the other day The Witcher are held in Italy, and thanks to the efforts of showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich and the company, the sequel has not only in all respects the original script, but also the official description.

So, the synopsis prepares viewers for what awaits them in the next series.

While the monarchs, magicians and monsters of the Continent compete for the right to possess Ciri (Freya Allan), Geralt (Henry Cavill) tries to hide it from everyone to protect his reunited family from those who try to destroy it. Yennifer (Anya Chalotra), who is tasked with teaching Ciri magic, leads them to the citadel of Arethusa, where she hopes to learn more about the girl’s strength. But instead, all three find themselves at the epicenter of political corruption, dark magic and betrayal. They need to fight, risking everything, otherwise they will lose each other forever.

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The third season is directed by Stephen Serdzhik (filmed episodes in the second season), Loni Perister (“Banshee”, “Warrior”), Ganja Monteiro (“New Cherry Flavor”) and Bola Ogun (“Growing Diona”, “Lucifer”).

Filming is scheduled to end in September, and the premiere can be expected in the spring of 2023. And you can not wait.

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