The Taiwanese celebrity claims that she kissed a popular k-pop idol

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Famous Taiwanese influencer Xiao Xiao claims to have met a K-pop idol who offered her sex in the club’s restroom.

In a recent episode of the Taiwanese entertainment show “Sojeobuje” Xiao Xiao stated that she went on numerous dates with a member of the Korean idol group. She said: “When AND came to Taiwan to perform, we met through an acquaintance of mine acquaintance. I didn’t expect to suddenly fall in love. I went on a few dates with Aas well as with any other person I met».

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The influencer continued: “One day AND invited me to the club and we had fun. When we danced in the VIP lounge, AND pushed me to the speaker and kissed me hard. Then he took my hand and offered to go to the toilet. But I was too shy».

When other guests and hosts asked Xiao Xiaowho is this ANDshe whispered the name, to which they said in surprise, “This is a superstar».

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