The sweetest habits of BTS leader Kim Namjoon

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Kim Namjoon – leader BTS and a third of their influential rap line, the so-called ARMY president and a proud member of one of the world’s largest male groups. In addition, he is the “Best Leader” according to ARMY and the youngest artist of KOMCA.

Here are some of his sweetest habits that ARMY has seen over the years.

  1. 1. He often forgets how “HUGE” he is

He is tall and strong, but sometimes he forgets that he is, which causes different comic situations.

  1. 2. Features of facial expressions.

His beautiful eyes turn into little slits every time he smiles and laughs… but in a split second he opens them wide. He may or may not realize that he does this often, even during live performances and concerts, where he usually radiates a frightening atmosphere.

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  1. 3. He talks to himself in the third person

Namjoon usually talks to himself in the third person whenever he feels aroused or when he wants to lift his spirits. There is even a whole selection of cute habits Namjoon talk to yourself in different situations and contexts.

  1. 4. He likes to jump.

One would think that because of his terrifying aura during rap and being on stage, he is quite calm even off stage. However, ARMY noticed his habit of making small jumps when he was excited.

  1. 5. He talks nicely to animals

The gentle giant, often called the Golden Retriever by ARMY, tends to talk to animals whenever he sees them. In one of Namjoon’s most famous music videos during Bon Voyage, he has a nice chat with a stingray.

  1. 6. Behaves nicely and then covers his face

Along with other participants BTS, he definitely loves to show off his cute ARMY sides, especially during fan meetings or concerts where they can meet face to face. However, as soon as he does so, he covers his face with his hands and giggles. Even when the participants asked him to try the final fairy pose for Boy With Luv, he ended up covering his face. Shy Namjoon – cute Namjoon!!

  1. 7. Hides the upper lip

Namjoon sometimes he bites his upper lip and eventually hides it, showing his snow-white teeth.

  1. 8. Offer lip balm

ARMY is convinced that perhaps offering lip balm is the language of love Namjoon. He does this many times, especially during events with other participants. He has been seen every time with lip balm, and he can be awarded the title of official supplier of lip balm BTS. It was observed that he distributed them to the participants at any time, especially often to their golden makna, Chonguk.

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