The story of Mireille Mathieu, who grew up in poverty and studied in pairs, and then sang – and the whole world was stunned

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Legendary French singer Mireille Mathieu recorded more than 1,200 songs in 11 languages. More than 122 million of her records have been sold worldwide. Mathieu has maintained her superstar status for more than half a century, but few know what she went through before she became famous.

We are in delved into the difficult biography of the great singer and came to the conclusion that her life is definitely worthy of a separate film.

  • Mireille was born in 1946 poor bricklayer’s family. There were 14 children in the family, all of them huddled in a wooden house barracks. At age 15, Mireille finally moved to apartment, where for the first time in her life she took a bath. This day was one of the happiest for her.
  • Mireille bad She studied in elementary school: she was taught writing and reading skills with great difficulty.
  • The girl was born left-handed, but at school she was taught to write with her right hand. Mathieu still actively gestures with his left hand while singing.
  • At the age of 14, the girl dropped out of school and left to work to the manufacturing plant envelopes.
  • However, Mathieu’s obvious talent could not go unnoticed. Mireille regularly she sang on family holidays and in church. And in the end she decided that she wanted to become a singer, like her idol Edith Piaf.
  • Mathieu decided to take part in the city talent contest and became its winner. The city hall of her native Avignon sent the girl to Paris for the TV show “Game of Fortune”.
  • November 21, 1965 speech by Mireille Mathieu produced strong impression on French spectators and changed her life.
  • In 1965, Mireille Mathieu met her future producer Johnny Stark. He has worked with famous artists such as Yves Montand and Edith Piaf.
  • By 1968, under the sensitive guidance of Stark, Mathieu had become herself popular singer of France.

The singer with her producer Johnny Stark (pictured left).

  • Mathieu adored Edith Piaf since childhood and for the first time imitated her in her work. Later, producer Mireille decided to change the course and forbade she listened to Piaf because he wanted to avoid copying.
  • Under the leadership of Stark Mathieu a lot and persistently worked above all: took music and singing lessons, danced and did gymnastics, French and English.
  • The image of Mathieu, created in those years, including the hairstyle and style of singing, remains to this day unchanged.
  • Mathieu was rapidly gaining popularity around the world. During the 1966-1967 tour, the producer told Mathieu that she was finally debt-free and in great fortune. Mireille’s dream is to lift the family out of poverty came true.
  • Mathieu’s first major purchases were a car for his father’s business and a large house for the whole family. They immediately installed a telephone in it, which her parents could not afford before, they had to go to the nearest pharmacy to call their daughters in Paris.
  • Along with Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve and Pierre Cardin, Mireille Mathieu became a true symbol of French culture.
  • The singer respects her compatriots. She speaks with special warmth about Pierre Cardin and considers his fashion the pinnacle of elegance. Singer since 1965 wears outfits from this designer.
  • Woman does not advertise your personal life. Despite the huge popularity, the singer managed to keep all her relationships a secret. By the way, she never did was not married, a lives with my sister.
  • Today, Mireille Mathieu still gives her songs and love to fans. In 2021, the singer noted its 75th anniversary. Mathieu continues to sing, as she did 50 years ago, in a clear, expressive and incredibly strong voice.

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