The story of love and betrayal of Sergei Prokofiev

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Of all the descendants of the composer Sergei Prokofiev, in his homeland, that is, in Russia, there is only Gabriel Prokofiev – his grandson. Lately, more and more often – he says, “I come every time there is an opportunity, Russian roots make themselves felt.” In addition, Gabriel is also a composer, and is already very famous in Britain, where he lives, and in the world. There are no more composers among Sergei Prokofiev’s descendants.

Recently, during a visit to Moscow at the Vivacello Festival, where his music was performed by the Russian National Orchestra, Gabriel Prokofiev in an interview with the Interlocutor reminded of the misfortunes of his family in Soviet Russia. This tragic story concerned his great grandfather, his grandmother and his father and uncle.

– I was inspired by the fact that the premiere of the Cello Concerto took place in Russia, it was very important for me to show his connection with Russia and, in particular, with the difficult experience of my family in Soviet times, because I think it is important to remember those times kept silent, did not sweep under the carpet. I composed the main theme of the second part a few years earlier, relating it to my father’s mental image and to the trials he faced during his life in Russia. He was a very positive and optimistic man, and the idea of ​​the frustrations and pains that accompanied the beginning of his life gave birth to strong musical images in me. When my father was only 19, his mother (my grandmother Lina Prokofieva) was arrested and sent to the Gulag for 7 years. She was not guilty of anything, but nothing could be done. My father went to Siberia – it was about a week on the train to see his mother, but of course he was not allowed to see her. Many, many people in Russia have had such an experience, and I hope that they will be able to find their own connection with this work. It is important to remember everything that people have endured so as not to repeat the same mistakes, – said Gabriel.

We, for our part, will tell the story of the Prokofiev family in detail.

Sergei Prokofiev, composer, pianist, conductor, and chess player of the first category was born in the Ukrainian village of Sontsovka on April 23, 1891. His father was from a merchant background, and his mother, a very educated woman, was the daughter of a former Sheremetev serf. Glier himself taught little Seryozha music. Prokofiev wrote in all genres, had a special style and everyone, of course, heard his ballets, operas, concerts and symphonies. Richter once said: “If Stravinsky talks to the Gods, then Prokofiev talks to the devils.” Prokofiev had difficult relationships with people, with children, with himself and with life. In 1915, Prokofiev went abroad for the first time with Diaghilev’s help, and after the revolution, which he perceived as “massacre and game”, he left for Tokyo, and from there to New York, then lived in France for a long time. , Spaniard Lina Kodina-Luber. Her mother, however, was a Russian noblewoman and opera singer. And Lina also sang, spoke 4 languages, her friends were the most famous people in the world, but she was in love with Prokofiev, preferring him to another of his fans – Rachmaninoff. The Prokofievs already had two sons, Svyatoslav (1924) and Oleg (1928), both born in Paris.

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