the story of Galkin’s concerts in Israel took an unexpected turn

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The comedian decided to earn extra money.

While Russian fans of Maxim Galkin are wondering whether their idol will return home, the humorist is wasting his time. In Israel, the showman has planned as many as eight concerts in June. The Russian-speaking part of the Israeli population is expected to attend.

He has already come up with jokes for the audience, as you can see from video published on site, where tickets for his concerts are sold. They will mainly talk about pensions, closed Europe and other problems that are close to compatriots.

And contrary to the opinion of the villains, who claimed that no one was interested in Galkin abroad, and therefore he would return to Russia with his tail wagged, the tickets flew like hot cakes. On one of the dates they have already been fully sold out, although more than two months before the performance, and the prices are biting. For one ticket you will have to pay from six to ten thousand rubles.

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