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The star of “Ural dumplings” condemned the artists fleeing from Russia: “People of the second grade”

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Actress and ex-participant of “Ural dumplings” Yulia Mikhalkova spoke about refugees from Russia.

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With the beginning special operations in Ukraine Russian stars flocked to go on vacation. Ksenia Sobchak allegedly promised her son a vacation in Turkey, but for some reason she was seen at Tel Aviv airport. Her husband, Konstantin Bogomolov, who was supposed to stay in Russia, shone in the same direction – they say he has had an Israeli passport for a long time. Alla Pugacheva with Lisa and Harry, Emmanuel Vitorgan with children, Zemfira with Renata Litvinova, Grigory Leps, Evelina Bledans, Bozhena Rynska – the list of people flying abroad is growing every day.

Such an escape did not go unnoticed among colleagues on stage.

– I watch with bewilderment as a number of show business figures and microselebs leave Russia in connection with the events of the last week. There are also people around me who “sit on suitcases” and in a fit of passion say, “It’s time to fall,” said Yulia Mikhalkova, an actress and ex-member of the Ural dumplings, about the fugitives. “That’s what I want to say.” I traveled a lot around the world. Sometimes I flew from Russia for a long time, for a month or two. I understand and feel well how they live there. So, in the West you can be successful, dress nicely, smile widely. And burgers there are tastier than ours, yes! But you will never, ever become your own. You will always be strangers – second-class people who can be harassed and exposed to frost at any time without a severance pay just because you have a Russian passport. What is happening now.

As the actress noted, she herself is not going to leave Russia: “Sometimes it’s hard here, sometimes it’s not clear. But this is our favorite home. And here we will always be our own. I’m with Russia – forever.”

Meanwhile, Mikhalkova is not the only one who condemned the celebrities for their position on the special operation. A little earlier, her much more famous namesake Nikita Mikhalkov turned to the stars, “crying” because of the events in Ukraine.

– I want to tell my colleagues who are worried about the special operation: “What are you still doing here? Go where you think there is truth and justice. Why don’t you go? And because there you spend money, and here you earn it, – the director exposed “sobbers” on air of the program “Besogon”.

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