the star of the show “Voice. Children can ruin stress

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The young winner is just beginning her journey in the world of show business.

Viewers anxiously watched the young artists in the show “Voice. Where are you”. Such stress and hard work are difficult tests for an adult, let alone a child. The winner of the ninth season, Adelie Zagrebina, was hit not only by a wave of fame, but also problems with health.

According to the psychologist Natalia Panfilova, the child will not be able to cope with all this on their own, now everything depends on the parents. If they pick up the euphoria of success, it will affect the little star.

“It is not these achievements that are important until adolescence, but harmonized development. Any activity in which children begin to be stuffed with fanaticism, it will not end well for good, “- said the psychologist.

For the parents and the young winner of the show, who went through a difficult path together, the psychologist has a great recipe for how to relieve stress.

“After such a victory, the child needs to be taken somewhere, perhaps to the sea. Somehow urgently change the lifestyle so that the child relieves stress, “- advises the specialist.

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