The star of the series did not keep silent about the breakup of Handa Erchel and Kerem Bursin: that’s what she said

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Osberk confirmed the breakup of celebrities.

Fans of Turkish actress Hande Ercel hope that rumors of her breakup with Kerem Bursin are fake. Many refuse to believe that such a beautiful couple really broke up. Recently, a colleague and friend of the actress – the star of the series “Magnificent Century” Burju Ozberk commented on the situation.

Journalists asked the actress what she thought about the breakup of Handa and Kerem. “I’m not a judge to take someone’s side in someone else’s relationship,” Osberk was quoted as saying by the portal. Thus, the star made it clear to fans that Erchel and Bursin are no longer together.

Note that the ex-lovers spun the novel during the filming of the series “Knock on my door.” The stars refuse to talk about the reasons for their separation. However, the Internet writes that they broke up because Hande was jealous of her chosen one to his future partner on the set.

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