The star of the movie “What She’s Silent About” told how she played a person out of her mind

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April 2 on The first channel the premiere of the four-episode medical drama “What She Is Silent About” starts. They played in the picture Stanislav Tikunov, Pavel Maikov, Svetlana Smirnova-MarcinkiewiczSofia Lebedeva, Tatiana Orlova, Alexei Surensky, Alexei Anishchenko, Galina Bessinnaya, Yulia Schiferstein and others.

Dramatic story of a young doctor in the film “What she is silent about”

According to the plot, a young doctor Valentin Rumyantsev breaks up with his beloved girl, after which he loses confidence in women. Problems in personal life negatively affect the professional activities of the doctor. He makes a serious mistake that almost ends in death for his patient.

Pavel Maikov in the film “What She Is Silent About”. Photo: First Channel

Having lost interest in everything that is happening, Valentin wants to leave the medical practice, but colleagues persuade him to wait with such a hasty decision. For a start, Valentin becomes a district pediatrician in a regular clinic, where most of his colleagues, and patients, too, are women. But he does not understand them at all. One day a young doctor meets a strange patient Valentina, whose child disappears a few days later… Now Valentina Rumyantseva has to find out the truth, and he is forced to become a detective…

Stanislav Tikunov: “In the frame we tried to do everything honestly and truthfully”

According to the actor Valentin Stanislav Tikunov, he dreamed of becoming a surgeon since childhood. And now his dream has come true in part – he played a doctor on the screen.

According to Stanislav, a consultant was invited to the site, who told how to properly use medical instruments and equipment.

“We tried to do everything honestly and truthfully in the frame. I hope we succeeded, “Stanislav Tikunov explained.

Stanislav Tikunov and Svetlana Smirnova-Martsinkevich in the film
Stanislav Tikunov and Svetlana Smirnova-Martsinkevich in the film “What She Is Silent About”. Photo: First Channel

According to the actress Valentina Smirnova-Martsinkevich, the shooting was very difficult for her, because she has many characteristic scenes. One of the biggest difficulties was that the actress had to play a person out of herself.

“My heroine finds herself in a difficult situation. The viewer will have mixed feelings about her: empathy and not much trust. The finale will be unexpected! ”Svetlana said.

Filming took place in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Tatiana Orlova: “It’s nice to see a friend on the set”

Actress Tatiana Orlova also played one of the key roles in the series “What She Is Silent About”.

Tatiana Orlova.  Photo:
Tatiana Orlova. Photo: Global Look Press

“I play the deputy chief doctor, who is raising a problem granddaughter. The shooting took place in my heroine’s office, in the clinic, in the apartment. By the way, the TV series “Family” was recently released on STS, where I also have three grandchildren according to the plot, – said Tatiana. – My heroine has grandchildren in the multi-series film “Old Women on the Run”. Recently, the First Channel showed the picture “Old Women in the Snow” – a continuation of the story.

– How did your relationship with the director of the series “What is she silent about” Artem Antonov? Didn’t argue with him, didn’t defend your point of view on any creative issues?

– The director is a wonderful guy. I did not argue with him, but played what he told me.

– Befriended someone from the film crew?

– Before filming, I knew Stas Tikunov, starred with him in one big series. Here is a wonderful relationship with him!

– How important is it for an actor to see people with whom he previously met on the set?

“It doesn’t matter.” It’s just nice to see a friend. Especially Stas, whom I love very much. He is a wonderful person, and we correspond from time to time.

Stanislav Tikunov and Svetlana Smirnova-Martsinkevich in the film
Stanislav Tikunov and Svetlana Smirnova-Martsinkevich in the film “What She Is Silent About”. Photo: First Channel

– The series is called “What she is silent about.” Do you prefer to talk more or listen to the interlocutor?

– Of course, I like to listen more.

– Some actors say that they can’t see themselves on the screen, that’s why they don’t watch their works. And you will watch the series “What is she silent about” on April 2?

“Of course I will.” I’m interested. I am absolutely calm on the screen.

Watch the four-part film “What She’s Silent About” on April 2 on Channel One, at 11. 15

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