The star of the “Battle of Psychics” Akhmedzhanova named the customer of harassment of the Galkin family

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The clairvoyant Kazhetta Akhmedzhanova named the customer of harassment Maxim Galkin. The participant of the “Battle of Psychics” is sure that a specific person may be behind the negativity pouring on the artist.

Due to Galkin’s departure from Russia and his active civil position, accusations against him began to be heard on Russian television. The artist himself reproached the press that she was engaged in harassment, and recently Kazhetta Akhmedzhanova found an explanation for this situation. According to the psychic, the host crossed the road to an influential man who decided to take revenge. “This is a long-planned action,” the clairvoyant concluded. She pointed to the next round of the race, which has long been on the account of a loved one. Akhmedzhanova sees that this acquaintance has long been waiting for the moment to start a war against the artist and dump all the dirt on him.

Image taken from: Maxim Galkin’s social networks

Akhmedzhanova is sure that Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva will live in Israel for some time, but will return to Russia in the future. The clairvoyant noted that the diva could not stay outside her homeland for long, so she would insist on a trip to Moscow. She “sees” that the move will take place later this year or early next.


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