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Ekaterina Safarova became widely known after winning the show “The Bachelor”. Then she sincerely spoke about her feelings for Timati and their future together. Contrary to the comments of the haters, the stars did begin to appear together at social gatherings, but it did not last long, writes

There were rumors that Timati had betrayed Safarova, which led to a rift. It was also suspected that the relationship between the stars was just PR. Now Ekaterina decided to answer the questions about parting with the rapper.

“After the project, Timur invited me on vacation with his family. I was very well received, but even then on vacation I began to realize that this is not my man. It is for relationships. Timur is very caring, attentive, smart, cheerful. It happens that at some point you realize that you are too different for a relationship, “Safarova said.

The stars were able to part without scandals. They still speak about each other only in a positive way. “We never quarreled globally, there were only minor misunderstandings. But we spoke and reconciled these moments quickly, ”the brunette shared.

Now Timati is dating a model named Valentina. Periodically, the girl flashes on his social networks, but the couple does not comment on the relationship. Safarova also prefers not to talk about her personal life. Earlier there were rumors that she had an affair with her brother Timati.

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