The star of “Saboteur” Svetlana Katsigadzhieva told about behind the scenes of the film

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On Channel One, Victory Day will feature a much-loved military drama “Saboteur». It has been 16 years since the first part was released, and this time fans will have a completely new story and new tasks of familiar heroes – the defense of Sevastopol, the battle for the Crimea.

By the way, the character of the actor is present in the series Vladislav Galkinwho died in 2010. And with the help of special technology, the filmmakers “revived” the actor. And his appearance will be for 8 minutes!

Journalists talked to the actress Svetlana Katsigadzhievawho starred in the film.

A scene from the movie “Saboteur”. Photo: First Channel

– Svetlana, you are making your debut in the new part of the epoch-making “Saboteur”. It is known that the events of the film will take place in Königsberg and that your heroine’s name is Martha. Who is she and what does she do in one of the military epicenters?

– I will answer a little mysteriously, but at the same time intriguing. She is her own among strangers, a stranger among her own. She is both Russian and German. She is different for each side, but among all she is alone.

– Obviously there will be spy passions… And how would you describe the character of Martha?

– Character – flint! She is a beautiful strong woman, she passes through fire, water, rocks, seas and oceans, hail and snow, storm. Pursuing the only goal in life. I will not reveal all the cards, but expect a lot of emotional scenes in the film.

Are these scenes related to foreign actors? And how you worked in general with German and Swiss actors, for example, with Philipp Reinhardt?

– Philip is a great professional, I was very comfortable working with him. I do not have a language barrier, and this is not my first experience working with foreign actors. I don’t know German very well, but I understand it by ear.

– By the way, what language do you speak in the film?

– Both in German and in Russian. And no reverberations, my speech will be heard in the picture.

– Will Martha have a love line and not with a soldier from Germany, who was played by the handsome Philip?

– Love, yes, from his side so… You know, such a man, dry, his hero is afraid to show his feelings, he is, in principle, afraid of such feelings. From my side – a slightly different story, but if I tell, one of the plot intrigues of “Saboteur” will be killed.

– So, exactly spy passions. Can your story with the Soviet soldier, played by Kirill Pletnev, be revealed?

To mark the points above the “and”, I will say this, in the life of my heroine Martha there is love, and there is a task.

It turns out that some of the above men – love, and some task?

“There aren’t even two men in Martha’s life.” There are a certain number of men. Some are her task. And others – a manifestation of real feelings.

A scene from the movie
A scene from the movie “Saboteur”. Photo: First Channel

– The answer of a real girl spy. Apparently, your heroine also made an impression with her clothes?

– When I went on video communication with my mother during the breaks during the filming, she sighed every time: “How beautiful! Why don’t you walk like that in life? ” And it really looks great, but still not very comfortable.

Despite all the horrors, time is a paradoxically beautiful era. And the wonderful costume designer Sergei Struchev visually embodied all this amazingly. I don’t have many costumes in the movie, but I love them all.

– Do you remember the shooting in Kaliningrad in the same places where the action in the film takes place?

– Unfortunately, I have never been to Kaliningrad before the filming of “Saboteur”. And I was very pleasantly surprised by the beauty of these places. I am from St. Petersburg, and it is difficult to surprise me with the architecture or history of places, we are a little spoiled in this regard. But in Kaliningrad, visually and emotionally, I was extremely comfortable.

All the filming locations were beautiful in their own way: both the bats in the fort and the storm-wielding cars from the pier. And the North pier is an indescribable beauty, although the sea was very cold. But I am a person who is interested in going through obstacles. I overcome them, clenching my teeth. The more obstacles – the more interesting. For me, despite all the difficulties, it is a pleasure.

Watch the film “Saboteur” on Channel One on May 9 at 19.00 and 22.10.

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