The star of “Doma-2” May Apricot trampled Maxim Galkin

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The blogger wonders how one can be dissatisfied with the government and beat one’s fortune on television.

Maxim Galkin. Photo: Global Look Press

TV presenter Maxim Galkin continues to sit in Israel, from where, apparently, will not leave in the near future. The artist said a lot of negative things about Russia, and if the State Duma deputies support the initiative to ban the scandalous stars, Galkin will be banned from making a career in the country.

Maxim Galkin was criticized by blogger Mai Abrikosov, a former participant in the TV project “House-2” on TNT. He wrote a long post in the Telegram about how hypocritical Galkin really is – all these years he did not notice the war in Donbass.

“He is skeptical of his support for Ukrainian refugees. The man lived in a castle, patinated decorative gates, walked in his own chamomile field, while refugees from Donbass huddled in gyms and unheated pioneer camps.

Galkin’s children love to eat cockatoos for breakfast and speak French with Mom and Dad, and the children of Donbass for 8 years listened to the roar of shells and mourning for the dead. Maxim was not embarrassed by the situation in the DNR and LNR, at least he did not take refuge in Israel and did not record videos exposing the Kiev regime from there, ”the blogger wonders.

All these eight years, Galkin quietly pursued a career, although the government, as it turns out, did not suit him, he was a covert oppositionist: With bad power. “

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