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the spin-off of the new “Batman” will be a horror

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But Robert Pattinson will not appear there.

Matt Reeves will not be limited to “Batman” and a spin-off about the penguin supervillain. The talented director first wanted to make a very grim series about Gotham, but changed his mind. His new project will be even darker!

“The story of the Gotham police station has, so to speak, evolved. We decided to delve into the world of Arkham, his connection to our film and some of his characters … Now the spin-off is more like a horror or a haunted house, like Arkham himself, ”says Matt Reeves in an interview with The Cyber ​​Nerds.

According to the director, he and his team want to make Arkham Psychiatric Hospital a full-fledged character of their universe – the same as Bruce Wayne Gotham’s hometown.

We will remind, in Russia new “Batman” in cinemas didn’t come out, but very soon Matt Reeves’ grim blockbuster will appear on HBO Max.

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