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Myra: “Just because someone doesn’t like Brecte’s artistic expressions doesn’t mean they’re worthless. I like Brecte’s attitude, I like the things he creates. You shouldn’t associate an artist with just one of his works. It doesn’t matter. that associate Van Gogh only with his psychoses… “.

“We have no right to be dissatisfied. When the Latvians had Tilbergs, Purvitis, Walters and others, no one thought to allow pride. This artist is a mirror of the society that created him,” said Juris.

“Why did I watch / listen to it! I’ll be more careful. And, damn it, I wonder how a person gets to such public words that it turns on and off?” Christen asks.

Edward wrote: “You may not like his work. But he said it very accurately. As long as people like him are creating and will create, commentators will continue to fart on Twitter and shout about some kind of revolution.”

“Tastes are not disputed – he is either there or he is not. There are no questions for Brekt, everyone according to their abilities, but a question for those who share such” prizes “. It is just beginning to seem that a kilogram is literally,” says Imant.

“After watching this video, Freud would have something to say,” Justin said.

It will be recalled that a fresco “Dedication to Jemma Skulme” (Veltījums Džemmai Skulmei) appeared on Akas Street in Riga at the initiative of the Mākslai vajag telpu Foundation. The author is a contemporary Latvian artist Christian Brekte.

The work provoked hundreds of comments. There were many different opinions. Starting with the fact that if the children’s parents can’t explain that this is art and this is the artist’s vision, will they be able to explain anything at all, ending with a suggestion to find a lift, buy paint and paint a picture.

After that, lawyer Victoria Yarkina asked the State Police (VP) to assess, in her opinion, the possible image of child pornography in the works of artist Christian Brekte.

Gallery: “Dedication to Gemma Skulma”

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