The son photoshop his father on famous paintings, and we no longer understand – is it a prank or a masterpiece ?!

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There are works of art that everyone has seen so many times that it is difficult to imagine them different from the original. But not for this guy – Matt Bonito rethought some of the most famous paintings in the world, using photos of his father. As expected, the results were quite amusing.

Grant Wood. American Gothic

Leonardo da Vinci. Mona Lisa

Edward Munch. Scream

Emanuel Gottlieb Leitz,

Van Gogh. Starry night

Salvador Dali. Time

Cassius Marcellus Coolidge,

Georges Sera,

Botticelli. The birth of Venus

Gustav Klimt

Jan Vermeer


Edward Manet

Bertold Voltze

Hans Holbein

Claude Monet

Edward Manet

John William Waterhouse

James McNeill Whistler. Portrait of a mother

Jacques-Louis David. Marat’s death

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