The son of Stray Kids proves that he is a comedian of the band… frying his members

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No one is safe.

No one is insured against Synmina from Stray Kids, especially other participants. He never misses an opportunity to fry a band… in the name of laughter, of course.

Synmin from Stray Kids | @realstraykids

Recently Stray Kids played the game «Besties Best Best” with Seventeenin which they told about their brightest memories as a band and about the most complex music videos they have ever shot.

When asked to finish the phrase “Сынмин is our favorite…», У Stray Kids there were several answers.

Hyunjin said “singer“Because he mentioned earlier how much he likes the voice Synmina. But y Felix there was another suitable answer… «Comedian».

Xingmin has already proved this with his ingenious answers to other questions.

In one of these questions Stray Kids asked to finish the phrase: “Ban Chan such…»

Synmin immediately knew what to answer.

He often reminded Ban Chan about his status as a senior member of the group…

… But his frying didn’t stop there!

The group was asked to finish the phrase “Changbin is so good in…»

Synmin quickly added: “Nothing». While Chanbin was not surprised, others were.

So when the group was asked who was the funniest member… it made sense that they answered – Synmin.

His cute answer “Thank you allMade everyone laugh.

So, Stray Kids agree that Synmin definitely the funniest.

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