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The famous singer made an important statement

The famous Russian singer, the leader of the popular and still popular group “Night Snipers” Diana Arbenina shared her opinion about the mass departure of celebrities abroad. The actress answered the question why she did not succumb to “star hysteria”.

The audience’s favorite shared her revelations during her concert in Chelyabinsk. The singer stressed that the Russian Federation is her homeland, in this country is her home, her loved ones and the people she is proud of.

That is why Arbenina does not even allow the thought of leaving his native state and becoming a migrant in a foreign country. Diana noted that curious people often try to understand why the celebrity did not leave the Russian Federation.

I answer, “Where?” This is my country, this is my people, this is my home. And I am by no means the first to do so, “Arbenina said.

Apparently, in this way the actress tried to emphasize that not all famous cultural figures decided to leave their native country in a difficult period. It is known that many artists and singers, on the contrary, readily supported the special military operation and proudly speak of patriotism, which fills their hearts.

By the way, recently Diana Arbenina exposed on display pregnant belly.

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