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the sight of Petrosyan’s young wife stunned the Russians

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Fans continue to actively discuss the appearance of the celebrity.

Tatiana Brukhunova excited fans with experiments with style. The celebrity boasted of her designer hat.

In a photo posted on Instagram, Petrosyan’s wife poses in a very unusual way, trying on a bold hat with a down jacket and a beige Gucci bag. In Bruhunov’s signature, he talks about the reaction to her bold accessory.

“Tons of negativity have spilled over me over the past few days. And the reason for everything is a cap, ”the celebrity writes.

Netizens split into two camps, discussing Bruhunova’s image. Some praised the cap, while others criticized it and noted that the celebrity dresses “strange and ridiculous.”

“Cool cap. I’m sorry I’m not that old “,” You look great, everything suits you like that! “,” Very strange set, I don’t like it “, – the subscribers share their opinion.

Many also praised Brukhunov for her courage, because she shared with fans the image, which has already been criticized. According to followers, only a person with a strong character can ignore public criticism.

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