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The other day it became known that Chonguk (Jungkook) tested positive for kovid. This was reported by the music label BIGHIT MUSIC. The management noted that the idol was suspended from all public events. Now he observes the regime of self-isolation and follows the recommendations of doctors. The disease in “McNae” proceeds without particularly acute symptoms, which at least a little pleases fans. They were very worried about the idol and took the information to heart.

However, Chonguk gets in touch with fans. So, he asked to recommend him some movies or TV series. Given that he is now in quarantine, of course, he wants to do something. Someone from the fans wrote: “I’ve heard it’s fashionable now to say ‘hing-guri-pongpong’ (sad-sad-sad) when they’re sad or having a hard time.” Idol always tries to pay attention to messages from the ARMY, so he replied: “This is the moment when I can’t see you. Guys, for me it’s very hing-guri-pongpong. “

BTS fans know that guys try to react to fashion trends, as well as some interesting slang expressions. That’s exactly what he did Chonguk. Fans were glad that he carefully reads the messages on social networks, but were upset that the idol is especially sad now. However, it can be understood. The Grammy Awards will take place very soon, with a BTS performance. Due to Chonguk’s sudden illness, all rehearsals have been postponed. If he doesn’t recover, then who knows, maybe the guys will perform without him. Or maybe they won’t perform at all this time. Now everyone wants a speedy recovery “McNae”.

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