the shocking truth about Gradsky’s marriage is calculated to be revealed

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Earlier, the mentor’s stepson confessed that he hated the composer.

A close friend of Alexander Gradsky, Anatoly Aleshin, revealed the truth about the marriage of the mentor of “Voice” with Anastasia Vertinskaya. So, the other day Stepan’s grandson Stepan said that he did not like Gradsky, because he openly stole all his mother’s attention.

In an exclusive commentary for PopCornNews Anatoly Aleshin told – marriage with Vertinskaya was for Gradsky help. The artist used his connections with the actress to be realized in a profile environment for Vertinskaya.

“It was a temporary commonwealth. For Sasha, this was a definite help in entering the cinema ranks. I connect his participation with this, with writing music for “Romance for Lovers” “- said Aleshin.

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