the shameful fact of Vitorgan’s family was made public

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The actor’s eldest daughter did not keep silent about the betrayal.

Emmanuel Vitorgan renounced his eldest daughter Ksenia Rumyantseva after a scandalous talk show in which she was put on the hunt for his apartment in Moscow. The heiress of the actor said that the editors of the program framed it, editing the story from a certain angle.

She tried to explain herself to Emmanuel Gedeonovich, but he did not want to listen to her. Journalists suggested that the artist was just scared of living space, to which Rumyantseva replied:

“If he’s scared, it doesn’t paint him at all. It all turned out very stupid. “

Ksenia came to terms with this situation, but her daughter Alexandra – Vitorgan’s granddaughter – was much more difficult, because the girl lost contact with her beloved grandfather.

The heiress of the actor shared with “Komsomol truth»Recognition that the actor refused to meet two great-grandchildren. Instead, Vitorgan devotes all his time to his youngest daughters, 4-year-old Ethel and 3-year-old Clara.

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